7 Powerful Tips for Your SEO Campaign in 2020


When we think about business, then there is nothing more important than our business’ reputation because, without status, there is no brand value of any product.

To stay in demand or famous, you need to stay reliable and consisting of quality to build your reputation. But what if you want to keep on the top?

Then, you need an excellent and powerful strategy for your SEO campaign for the upcoming year 2018. Don’t already have one? Then you will find some catching up to do in this article.

You can virtually guarantee your opponents already have one. By now, you should know how essential it is to have an online existence. With this SEO campaign, you will surely get better control on how your business supposes by prospects and customers.

If you can put the SEO on a virtual map, you will bitterly know what it can do for your business. It says that 51% of Americans do their most of the shopping online. And 80% of customers are using local search for finding companies.

That means all the search engines use in this process of finding service, products, and business. And from above data, if your business operates locally, then it is more needed powerful SEO campaign.

But if you are not sure how to use all these campaigns to go to the top then this article will help you because we will guide you with seven powerful strategies of SEO for 2018. Are you ready? Shall we start?

Stay on Top of Google’s Ever-Changing Algorithms

If your SEO campaign gets your website listed by Google, then you need not do to more effort. As per data of 2017, Google has a 93% part of all online search queries. This figure is significant enough of the market share to not care about its systems. So if your website isn’t ranking on top of Google algorithm, then it affects the incoming traffic.

Google changes its algorithm continuously to ensure the users get quickest and most relevant search in minimum time.

Since online marketers are always finding dodges to boost their SEO campaigns, Google has to stay on top of clearing out the nonsense.

This purpose is very well served Google by putting the best content on the first page of Google. All this is possible due to significant updates like Panda and Penguin in last few years. With these updates, Google removes thousands of websites from the first page.

The strategies they were using in their SEO campaign were “blackhat,” and so they were punished. Coming back to the market after this penalty is tough.

It is why you need to think forward and stay on top of the continuous changes being made by the search engine, so you will not finish with the short end of the Google twig.

Start Your SEO Campaign As Soon As Possible

Your connection with Google is like a bottle of wine – it gets enhanced with age. So it is better to rank your website for the longest time.

For that, you need to be and quality. Contain may be informative and having high quality. If you are successful in doing this, then you will earn brownie points (credibility) from the search engine.

Don’t get confused with age. The meaning of age never connects with the purchasing date of a domain.

It all depends on the content. If you purchased the domain from two years and didn’t write anything on it, then this won’t help to get rank.

Once you start broadcasting content with quality, your bond of relationship will begin to form. Having an inactive website definitely, work against your SEO campaign by SEO agency like ePursue.

Build Your Authority Using High-Quality Content

High-quality content is required to increase the traffic to your website. But within one day, it is not possible and even it is never possible with a weak quality post.

Why is it so? Because Google has a status to maintain. It has the best search engines among all others like Yahoo or Bing.

That’s why quality is necessary to be on the top as a king. And it is directly proportional to pushing down sites with poorly and irrelevant written content because no one wants to read it and waste their time.

If you want to know about your website log in to Google Analytics and know all about your site like tracks all of your traffic or how many people enter your site and where they go from there.

If you are seeing that people are going away from your site within a few seconds, then it is not a good sign.

This data knock down your SEO campaign, and for that, you have to do something to do not jump your audience from your site to another site. For that, you need to change your strategy or promote it on a different platform, to a diverse audience.

Once, you master in creating high-quality content; your brand value will automatically increase. So the secret key is to publish your content in a far better way will help your audience to solve problems.

Another advice is, always explains how to do something or show how your product with all feature can solve their most pressing issues, and you are floating in money. Your reliability will reach your journey from an unknown brand to a trusted name.

Improve Your Page Speed: Mobile & AMP

It is a vital factor in confirming your site is ready for traffic. If your web pages are loading very slowly, it expects that people will not stay on the page and this rate is high, and it is a red flag to Google.


To improve the page speed, you can remove unnecessary graphics to lighten the load. Before you take any action, first check the speed of your website and then apply any change.

Even you can hire a web developer to do similar work for you. It will help you to handle large traffic volume so that when your site gets more traffic, it doesn’t crash.

Another factor to increase the traffic is making a website which is compatible to run on mobile, too. As nowadays searching using mobile is normal. So a website isn’t mobile-friendly, then it affects your ranking in google.

But it doesn’t mean you go and check on every mobile. You have to just invest our time and money in a responsive website which is accessible from any device.

A review says that over 80% of internet users are working with smartphones. So make a note in mind at this point for 2018.

For making your website mobile-friendly, there is AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages having its HTML to help you in this. It is recently launched by Google. You can improve ranking and user experience with the help of AMP.

Focus on Visual Content: Infographics and Videos

Today users are more prefer visual contents. So don’t waste your time in creating text-based content. People like content with images and videos as they are easy to understand in less timing.

So analyze your audience and make a suitable video. Whether it may entertainment or educational, it is not an issue.

These videos can publish on your website, video streaming site like YouTube, and social media sites. You can create your channel on YouTube.
Another way of visual content includes infographics. It is a smart way to educate and entertain your audience and at the same time.

Focus on AI and Machine Learning (Google voice search)

Google processes more than 40,000 every second on average, so there is massive traffic on this search engine.


To make the searches more useful and appropriate for individuals as well as companies, Google has recently sharpened its machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI).

Giannandrea, who is with Google since 2010 said that, “Machine learning improves the products we offer everyone, and makes possible what was impossible just a few years ago. You can talk to the Google app on your smartphone. Thanks to deep learning, you can improve speech recognition—approximately 25%, and natural language processing (NLP) helps understand what you mean. With neural networks, Gmail now blocks over 99.9% of spam, including some never-before-seen spam.”

So when you make any content, focus on this point, it will help to increase your traffic and to earn.

Focus on Social Media Marketing

If you have an idea, then let me tell you that many businesses grow and worked well with the power of social media as Google tie-up with various platform like Twitter and YouTube.


So you are not on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or other popular sites, then it is time to change your business strategy because of a social media play vital role in Digital Marketing Campaign.

Get involved with your audience and grow your following and engage with your audience. With this awesome tool, you can improve your business model with the help of suggestion, doubt, and consideration of your customer with the talk about brands, products, and services.
With these social sites, you can promote your brand and manage ad-sense with google and set a daily budget.

So it is all about to set your strategy for 2018 SEO campaign. We hope you find it useful. If you have any doubt and questions related to this article you can ask us by submitting a contact form.  We are happy to help you. We always welcome your suggestion for improvement.

Thank you for reading!!

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