Emerging Marketing Technologies needs to adopt by Online Marketers


We surely love to review the marketing innovations that constantly emerge; it is fascinating to observe what’s in trend and what is considered as “Cool” in the present times. But for the sake of keeping everything practical as well as actionable, our interest lies in the transformation and communication techniques that will be making a commercial benefit for your business.

Ranging between social media marketing to the analytics we have collected a list of the emerging marketing technologies that will be necessary for all the online marketers to adopt.


ChatBot usually helps the brands in improving customer services while keeping control over the budgets. ChatBots are also faster than humans when compared to any data related solutions and on taking request. They are able to offer humor and different personalities that are able to provide the customer with a personalized experience for any requirements that they might have at any given time.

The best part is the integration with a website or an application is easy and can be even used for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ChatBots are able to collect the user data that can be used later on for efficiently making marketing strategies.

The global ChatBot marketing is soon going to reach over one billion dollars and the annual growth rate is over 20 percent. Also, about 45 percent of users prefer using Chatbots as the main communication mode for providing customer services. Over the period of coming five years about eighty percent of the with the clientele will be done with the chatbot messengers.

With the constant rise of the chatbot market, it is crucial for online marketers to observe how they will be including it into their strategies. The choice lies with them if they want to use it by offering customer services that are instant or for varied promotions and offers.

Paid Advertising (PPC Search Ads + Display Advertising)

Paid advertising includes display advertising and the PPC search ads Campaign as well. The display ads can be seen by users on the website pages and are usually in varied graphic forms.

One thing to keep in mind is that display advertising is very different from the search ads and that appear on the pages of search engines like google and bing. This infers that when a person is searching for a product on the internet only then the PPC advertisements will be seen by them.

Although technically the display advertisements also still appear when an individual searches as they often do visit the pages that come up on the search results. Sometimes banner ads are also referred to as display ads but definitely, they are not exactly portrayed in the banner forms. These are graphics that can be of shapes like a rectangle or a small square and are visible on a web page either on the sides, middle or on the top.

Now coming to PPC or pay per click, Google displays these ads in search results that are similar to any other kind of organic result. This makes it very difficult for the normal viewer to be able to differentiate between the two. It is estimation that around half of the researchers are also not able to tell the difference between the organic and paid results. This is of course in favor of the online marketers for promotion of what they are looking forward to selling. This is also the perfect solution for the websites that normally are not able to rank high because of high competition in  SEO performance. This is also a great way for the online marketers to feature the specific brand or business on the search results that show on the first page. This will lead to a lot better audience reach as well.

Artificial Intelligence:

This is the best time for the marketers to start testing the varied strategies with artificial intelligence that will be allowing the creation of highly customized experiences for the target audience. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, the growth will be constant for varied industries and it is vital that the online marketers focus their time on the resources and experiment with the AI strategies for ensuring that their company is on the way to be a successful one for now and the coming future.

AI has some advanced capabilities that allow the analyzing of large groups of the content and identification of what’s trending. This also lets those brands to have direct interaction with the buyer in real-time with the online chats and events. With varied AI  solutions, the online marketers will have complete details on what the potential customers are saying, thinking and even feeling about the certain product service or brand and everything in real-time. This can allow an instant modification for the maximum effect.

Programmatic Advertising:

 Programmatic advertising has huge benefits and the technology is an automated procedure that includes buying the digital media through a real-time bidding process. The benefit of programmatic buying for online marketers is that its quicker, efficient and cost-effective. The marketer will be able to see the reach of their ads, the kind of customers they are reaching and the costs involved with advertising, all of this in real-time. This makes the optimization changes can be quickly changed and in an efficient and informed manner.

Final Words:

So these were the top emerging marketing technologies that need to adopt by online digital marketing agencies or individual marketers. It is vital that the marketers have an understanding of the potential market and have a good strategy on how it can be captured in the best way possible. It is highly recommended that online marketers should quickly develop strategies with these marketing technologies.

These marketing technologies are an efficient and effective way of making the work of online marketers easier in varied ways.

However, there should be a constant effort made for research on the new technologies that can potentially bring higher profits to the company and the business.


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