Tips to get High-Quality Backlinks that will work for 2023


One of the most critical search ranking factors is building or getting high-quality Backlinks that points to your site. When different good quality websites link to another website, it has a positive impact on the search engine crawlers. The message put across is that linked to website is of value or domain and its authority also in a way that people that search for it will be happy to find it.

The receiving backlinks from high authority website’s search rankings can be improved with all of these factors. You need to understand that there is absolutely no easy, simple trick for getting links back to your official website.

Here to share with you some of the strategies that can help you to get high-quality backlinks that will work for the upcoming year 2019.

Guest Posting:

One of the practices of contributing quality content for free to other blog or news website and in return, you get the high-quality link to your website. This has been a popular method for a long time and is here to stay for sure for the next couple of years. The links can be incorporated in the different sections like under author bio or can be placed in the content itself. It is an excellent method as it is a win-win situation for both the sides. One website gets high-quality fresh content for their viewers, and your website receives the high-quality link.

Regrettably, it has been noticing that numerous site owners have been taking advantage of this as they make use of poorly written, non-valuable low-quality blogs on the website. And they don’t even think of the content is relevant or not. This is the main reason behind Google issuing warnings on guest posting.

But you don’t have to worry about it as long as high quality and relevant guest posting is produced. Although even low-quality posts were of some use years ago, it is not so now and indeed in 2019. If you shift your focus towards offering high-quality content that is helpful, guest posting will be an efficient link building too that you can use.

Press Release:

Conceivably the another best way to get your website on a higher search ranking in search engines like is a great SEO strategy. One of the essential procedures that one must follow and press releases might seem overstated as it might make it look more interesting than it is in reality but is undoubtedly an effective strategy.

Professionals usually make a mistake of using one keyword in the complete press release. It can inhibit the content distribution through database and search engine algorithms. So make sure you make use of many keywords that are strong and will enhance your chance of getting high-quality backlinks. For Press Release, you can submit media content like when you are thinking about to launch something or when you are starting any new services for your organizations. There are certain things or rule to be followed when you are thinking about to submit Press Release to any portal.

There are some good tools available online that can help you in researching keywords, topics, guidelines and you can use them to your benefit.

A press release can be a fantastic strategy for gaining higher visibility of your brand and generating a backlink in the digital environment that we live in today.

Broken Link Building:

It is a fact that evens the most trustworthy and maintained websites often suffer from a broken link situation. But as the websites usually keep moving the content around, at times, these links will break eventually. This is mainly the point where the page is not available. When a viewer clicks on the link, they reach a 404 error (Not Found) page, which gives them the message that the information they are looking for does not exist. This is offering not only a bad user experience but also makes it hard for search engines for efficiently indexing and crawling websites.

When you build broken links your problem will be resolved. And additionally, it is an excellent way of building important links. For this strategy, you need to follow simple steps. First, find broken links on various websites and then identify the referred initially content. Then offer the website by replacing the broken link with a valid link that is of relevance to the content and your website. This is again a situation for the benefit of both sides. The owner of the site will be able to get less number of broken links and more updated content, you, on the other hand, will get good quality backlink.

Skyscraper Content

This is the process of searching great content on your site and then improving it. Brian Dean of Backlinko popularized this concept. Without a doubt, this strategy is here to stay and is beneficial for coming up with content that is valuable and will help you to get links to your site. A simple way to do this is updating your content with the latest information.
Try to look at the content and think if something is missing and if a question remains unanswered. Are there a few points that remain unanswered? Here we are focusing on the quality of the content rather than quantity. The basic idea here is that when numerous sites are willing for linking these pages, they will also link to similar pages on your site as well.

Competitors Backlinks and activities

We have discussed this above that in case a site is linking a competitor; they might link you as well. And although we have searched for different ways that can help to figure out which specific site does that, there are some online tools that you can also make use of. If you are successful in doing so, you can then search for opportunities for guest posting on these websites or replacing the broken links. This does take a lot of work but is one of the most efficient ways of gaining backlinks that will help you to get a higher ranking as well.


One of the most effective ways for a better ranking and driving greater traffic will always be link building that is targeted accurately. All of the above points revolve around one key feature for all SEO agency to follow, and that is building better relationships for building backlinks. So these were our strategies that you can follow in 2019 for getting backlinks.


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