What is Search Engine Optimization and how it Works?

  • March 9, 2018
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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a way to increase the organic traffic coming to your website from the search engine result pages. The main objective behind SEO is not just increasing the traffic but it also helps us to create online brand.


The quality of the traffic represents the fact that the traffics that are coming to your website, they are genuinely interested in the services that you are providing. To achieve both the objectives, you have to rank your website as high as possible on the search engines result pages (SERPs) so that user can find you online when they search things that are relatable to your website. The methods by which you optimize your website to climb up the ranking on are what constitute the entire concept of SEO.


For example, to rank your website higher on SERPs, you need to have an optimized website along with high-quality Content, User and mobile friendly Design, keyword-optimized and various such SEO measures. All these SEO parameters are mentioned in the search engine ranking algorithms and different parameters have different weight. For SEO Agencies is essential to draw free organic traffic automatically without any need for paid promotion or click-baiting the web traffics (Ex. PPC). That is exactly why your conversion rate will be higher than paid promotion, your business will prosper and its success will be sustainable.


The higher your rank goes, the more trustable your company or brand becomes for the online presence and hence, the organic traffic flow will be unlimited. Therefore, SEO is the key to sustainable success in the online world irrespective of the business type.

How Does It Work?

When a user searches something on the search engines like Google, the search engine compiles a series of web pages/websites and shows them to the user ranking them as per their relevance to the search term. It is the SEO parameters that determine the relevancy and ranking of the websites.


In order to understand relevancy, search engines have crawlers or bots that surveys all the websites present in the world. The Crawler is done regularly as soon as a website adds or modifies its pages and every bit of information on the website is analyzed thoroughly. After analyzing all the websites, indexing or ranking are based on the SEO parameters mentioned in the latest ranking algorithm.


The websites which have optimized their web pages and content according to the latest search engine ranking algorithm parameters, they are likely to get a higher rank.


If you want your website to be search engine optimized, you have to pay attention all the major and minor parameters because even the minor parameters can help in outshining the competitors on SERPs. Starting from high-quality backlinks, mobile-first design to optimized content and social media signals, all the parameters matter irrespective of their priority in the search engine algorithm. The more popular your website becomes, the higher your rank will be as the search engine crawlers assume that a website which is old enough and still popular, it must have valuable information that could be exactly what a user is searching for.


Therefore, take care of all the little details and with time, you are sure to excel on the search engine result pages and drive enormous traffic and revenue. Before you start SEO for your website make your do an on-page audit of your website to optimize it SEO friendly.

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